Getting Started: Goals for 2014

I have set several business-related goals for myself to accomplish before graduation in December. As ready as I feel to just hit the ground running, I’m going to do my best to take everything one step at a time, soaking in as much knowledge as I can translate to skill. Deep breaths. 

I’ve scared myself into thinking that I’m not prepared for a career in the music industry. I don’t feel like I’ve learned enough about “the biz” in college to be successful post-graduation. I’ve been thinking about grad school, looking into degree plans, freaking myself out over the idea of loans. Anyone who knows me in real life knows what a chatterbox I am. I thrive on advice and approval from others, so, I’ve asked for a lot of advice on this dilemma. The general consensus is: do your research, get an internship, gain experience, make a name for yourself. 

Okay, cool. I can do that. 8 a.m. business classes are super overrated anyway. 

Goal #1: Do research and build references. 

I know my skill set. I know what I enjoy doing and what I do not enjoy doing. I know my weaknesses and am ready to make them my strengths. If I can pass college Statistics, I can do ANYTHING. That being said, I know where to start my research: the basics.


My first reference point is the good ol’ Texas Music Office of Governor Rick Perry (I know, I know, government… everyone shudder and move on). I don’t know how I have never been to the TMO website before, but it has a handy guide that ANYONE pursuing a career in music should bookmark. ( So do it, right this second before you forget! 

I skim the links about copyright law, licensing, publicizing an event, creating press kits, everything I want to be involved with and more, and choose to start with “Getting Started in the Music Business.” Fine. I’ve already taken a very basic music business class at UTA, but I probably need a refresher (I’ve had a baseball-related concussion since then). 

So far, I’m already liking what I read.

“Introductory words of advice from Casey Monahan, Director

  • Read as many books as you can about how the music industry works…
  • Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions of the managers, booking agents, publishers, promoters and others you contact, or who contact you…
  • Go out to hear live music as much as your time and budget permits…”

I can do all of those things. 

The most important thing about pursuing any career is being willing to dive in. One can not be timid about his or her passion, especially when trying to make a living out of it. Do the research, buy/rent/borrow the books, take notes, have 8 different tabs open on your browser even though you know you can’t read that many articles at once (not gonna lie, one of mine is for legal jargon), be assertive and seek advice from professionals. 

All that being said, it’s a rare Friday night that I am not working. I think it’s time to find that live music Mr. Monahan suggests I hear. 


2014 say what?!

Friends, it is 2014.

Seeing a “4” after those three little numbers we have all grown accustomed to isn’t appealing to the eye. Saying “2014” out loud is uncomfortable. I’m not ready for it. In fact, it will take me (and probably you, as well) a large chunk of the next 12 months to get used to it. I will have to type or write “2014” or “’14” on all of my school assignments. I will see “2014” on all of my emails and bank statements. My calendar will be screaming 2014 at me, assuming I actually look at it. And, by the end of May, I might be confident that it is, in fact, 2014.

It takes time and a lot of repetition for something so simple as a date to be instilled in my brain. I’m willing to do it though, because I want to remember this year. 2014 is it’s own unique year- it’s the year that I graduate from college. It’s the year I truly embark on adulthood. It’s the year I get to evolve my passion for people and music. It’s the year I get to learn how to use my creativity in a business driven world. And, who knows, maybe it’s the year I land my dream job. I don’t know precisely what that is yet, but I’m working on it. 

My goal is for this blog to serve as a guide to those seeking insight to the entertainment, arts, and music industry and inspiration to pursue a passion in any given field. I can’t guarantee that every post will be a thrill, but I will share as much knowledge as I acquire along the way. I’m sure my rabbit will make an appearance every now and then, for those of you who enjoy stinkin’ adorable animals.

Thus ends my first blog post of 2014. Let’s make this year a good’un!